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Personal Training Policies and Guidelines

Healthy By Eve, LLC is a fitness company specializing in personal training and nutrition. In order to make the experience great for the coach as well as the client, the following rules are strictly enforced:


  • When booking a one-time session, your spot is not secured unless you pay in advance. Therefore, if another client books a session at the same time and pays prior, they get the session.

  • Booking a week can account for a maximum of 3 sessions. If a session is missed by the client, it does not roll over to the next week. Example: If you book Monday Wednesday and Saturday but you miss Saturday, you do not receive a makeup session the next week - you must book again.

  • Booking a month can account for a maximum of 12 sessions in four weeks. If session(s) is missed by the client, it does not roll over to the next week. Example: If you book all of April but you miss the third week, you do not receive an extra week - you must book again.

  • Rescheduling sessions must be done at least 48 hours in advance. anything after is an additional $10 fee.

  • Only the trainer can uplift any of these policies at their discretion. 


  • Tardiness will not be accepted. If you are running late and is not mentioned at least 45 minutes prior to a session, you will receive a fee of $5 for every 5 minutes.

  • If you are more than 20 minutes late for your session, your session will be cancelled at the trainer's discretion, and will be charge $20 fee.



ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. Once a payment is made, there are no renegotiating the agreement for the booking.


Traveling fee is added to the bill if client chooses to train at home or area chosen by client. The fee covers trainer's transportation to and from their designated location.

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