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Generational Health Habits

Many people blame genetics for their healthy problems, but what if I told you that was only half the problem?

They say you are what you eat - and sometimes you are what your family eats too.

It's no secret that many illnesses are carried by genetics including obesity, depression, some forms of cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. Although this is true, new research indicates that our lifestyle choices can actually alter our health at "the level of the gene."

Let me give an example: let's say your grandmother has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure. Your mother, who was raised by her, eats all of her delicious home cooked meals with her, which increases her chance of developing the same ailments. If these family recipes continue to be passed down without any healthy alterations according to what is best for your family's "genetics", you may end up the same way with time. 

The easiest way to break generational curses when it comes to health is by simply eating better and exercising more. If your family thrives on fatty meats and high cholesterol is an issue, go with the leaner options and watch your genetic percentage dramatically drop. If cancer runs in your family, say no to things like alcohol (which even in moderate intakes can raise your risk of cancer), processed and fried foods and seek a more organic lifestyle. You definitely are what you eat, so taking note of these things can be what's stopping you from running in the family footsteps, or paving your own way.

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