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See-Saw Scales: Reasons Behind Scale Fluctuation

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Ever wondered what was causing you to be the skinniest in the morning and the heaviest in the afternoon?

Everyone has this occur to them, but some people have a greater weight difference throughout the day than others. Depending on diet and lifestyle, one can definitely alter this scale shift.

There are many reasons for this daily weight roller coaster, and here are some of the few:

1. You've consumed salty foods. Excess salt in food causes your body to hold extra water, giving you excess water weight. Less salt!

2. You need to poop. Had a meal sometime in the last few hours? Chances are you'll shed some weight after dropping that "load" off!

3. Your menstrual cycle is about to start. Women gain a few pounds in the days prior to the beginning of their flow. Check your calendar, ladies!

4. You consumed more carbs. Carbs are the heaviest of foods you can consume. A footlong sub carries more weight than chicken breast and broccoli. Make the right choice!

5. You're experiencing fluid retention. Taking any medication? Birth control? More than likely your body is holding on to fluids to compensate for the intake of antibiotics.

Your truest weight is first thing in the morning, since you haven't ate in a couple of hours and aren't many factors that are interfering. But if you happen to make a mid day weight check, keep all of these factors in mind when hopping on the scale.

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