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The True Price for Eating Healthy

You are what you eat!

The most common excuse that I hear from my clients when I personalize their grocery guide is that healthy foods are too expensive for their budget. I'm here to let everyone know that you can definitely ball out even on your budget!

Recent studies show that healthier fare, like fruits, veggies and fish are more expensive than unhealthy foods like processed meals, snacks, and refined grains. Why? Because current food policies support the inexpensive yet high volume production, and also favor easily manufactured and processed foods that will provide more profit per unit for the food industry. HOWEVER, swapping out some of these less expensive, and less healthy foods, for fresher and more nutritious foods only added up to about $1.50 more per day. Now I know we all can definitely afford that!

I also like to remind my clients that the long term is far more important than the short term when it comes to wellness. Yes, that $1.50 a day adds up to about $550 per year per person shopping for healthier options, but think about how many thousands of dollars are spent on hospital visits, diet pills, diet shakes and teas because people rather go for the Value Menu rather than the VALUABLE menu. Taking care of your body today will keep your pockets in place tomorrow!

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