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Preventing Flabby Skin Post Weight Loss

I've noticed an issue that occurs within the weight loss community that I decided to address this month. A lot of people who lose great amounts of weight in a short period of time end up with  excessive of skin all over their bodies, and I'm hear to tell you that it is completely PREVENTABLE and TREATABLE.

Extra skin after massive weight loss.

To prevent it, you've got to drink tons of water and avoid extreme dieting. Extreme dieting does not allow for your skin to change at the same pace that your muscles grow and your fat burns, causing the skin to stay loose. Skipping breakfast and going more than 4 hours a day without a meal is unacceptable. A well balanced diet and regular intake of water is key! Also, implementing a good amount of cardio such as walking, swimming, and aerobics help to keep the skin bounce back at a quicker pace.

In order to treat the flabby skin, eating a lot of fruit definitely helps. Aside from being more than 75% water, fruit contains vitamins that help clear skin and keep its firm elasticity. So order the fruit salad for dessert instead of the ice cream sundae!  Alternative treatments help as well, such as cosmetic acupunctures and firming massages.

Keep that skin tight, people!

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