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Quarantine & Train: Reach Your Body Goals From Home!

One of the biggest stressors I've seen from this season of COVID-19 Quarantine has to be the closing of fitness facilities. Although we all know it's for the best, we definitely miss the sounds of iron hitting the floor and loud grunts across the room!But do you really need the gym to get to your body goal?


Don't let the lack of access to your local gym get you down. You have everything you need to get a great workout in right at your home!

Online fitness coaching has been the number one way to crush your fitness since the start of 2020. Fitness enthusiasts all across the globe, including myself, have been hosting live sessions on Instagram, promoting virtual classes on their websites, and doing what we can to keep our community healthy and active.

Some people may say they don't have the equipment at home that could get the job done, not realizing that everything you have in the home can help with the task.

For example, liter bottles of water make good dumbbells when filled to the top. These can be used for routines such as overhead shoulder presses or bicep curls. As far as furniture goes, a sofa makes for a good bench when balance is needed for many exercises, such as hip thrusts and . A staircase can be used for calve raises and jump squats, and a high chair can be used for ab exercises. A gallon of water can be used as a kettle bell, and depending on how full it is, it w=can be a heavier dumbbell.

The possibilities are honestly endless when it comes to the creativity of working out indoors. What items have you been using to help with your workouts? Let us know!

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