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Faith and Consistency

In this season in the world, it is vital for everyone to remain cautious on how we go about our daily activities. Safety literally boils down to wearing your mask, washing your hands, and maintaining a safe distance. Even with all that is going on, you are your number one priority. Although gyms have yet to open up in many cities, that is no excuse to not keep up with your healthy goals.

Your body is your number one priority, therefore in in these times it is imperative that you continue to add healthy eating and exercise to your regularly scheduled activities. We are in no position to put ourselves on pause - it's best to push through with a solid routine to keep yourself grounded despite these tough times.

Take it day by day - focus on a 30-minute workout on the daily basis and knock out as many sets as you can on a time limit. Healthy By Eve offers a Weekly Workout Plan with live online training during the quarantine period, for anyone who may need assistance with their at-home workout regimen. We are continuing in-person training, but with limited contact as instructed by current state laws. Nutritional coaching is available as well. Please check out this month's special offers!

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