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What Are Your Fitness Goals?

Everyone should have a set vision for their bodies - some sort of tangible goal that they can see and reach towards. Whether it be someone you know or a celebrity, it's very common to set your body goals based off of someone else's current state.

Question is: what are you doing to achieve that goal?

What you do on the daily basis is what has the biggest impact on you physically. Eating a salad yesterday doesn't matter if you had hamburgers and fries for the other 6 days out of the week.

Consistency is key!

Give your self a set workout schedule, meal prep as much as possible, and give your body a chance to balance and get accustomed to the lifestyle you are giving it. Our body is affected greatly by habit, so what you do daily will give you the ultimate results. That's why a cheat meal once a week will not scar you as much, and a salad once a week will give you abs.

Challenge yourself!

I'm challenging you for the remainder of 2019 to make a list of your bad habits, cross them out and replace them with a healthy habit to overcome the bad. Do these healthy habits every day for the rest of the year. Keep in touch with me via my website or email, and let me see the results!

Let's go!