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The Spirit of Giving

2019 is officially one month away!

What have you done in the last eleven months to get yourself closer to the best shape of your life? 

Don't keep good health as a New Year goal - make it a lifetime achievement!

I've had so many friends, clients, and family members tell me about their attempts to getting their bodies back into shape after many failed attempts throughout the year. Every January 1st its "New year, new me", and then you fall into old habits after the first few weeks, just to end up in the same space you were when you started. Then the cycle continues the following year. 

Great health is the gift that keeps on giving. People tend to complain about how expensive it is to be healthy, when in reality, you spend more on hospital bills, pharmaceutical drugs, and diet fads then you would by avoiding all of those things by living a healthy lifestyle.  

Now that it's December there is no better time than now to prepare yourself for a great new year. Do not let the next 31 days go to waste. In the spirit of giving, gift yourself to a new lifestyle. Take the next month to let go of any foods that haven't been benefiting you. Detox your body with fruit infused water, and put an end to carbonated beverages and sugary juices. Kick out those artificial snacks and reach for some fresh fruit. Finishing the year strong will ensure a positive beginning for January 1st and beyond. 

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