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New Year, New Goals!

"New lifestyle, who 'dis?"

There's no better time than now to make the proper adjustments to your life to make this your best fitness year yet! 2018 was the year you figured out what habits can stay and what needs to go, and now it's time to make the proper adjustments. 

If you know what's good for you, get it done. If you know there are no benefits in it, let it go. Kill the urge to eat junk food and reach for the healthy snacks instead. Do some early morning sit ups before grabbing your breakfast. No more meal skipping! No more careless spending on fast food! Leave that in 2018, because they will not prosper in the new year!

What's your biggest motivators? What quotes or bible versus drive you? Find a sticky note pad and write whatever you have to on however many pieces and stick them to your bathroom or dressing room mirror. Remember daily why it is that you are doing what you're doing, and go for it. When you get there, stay there. Maintain the healthy lifestyle that you worked so hard to get to. 2019 has just begun, let's do it!

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